Who Owns The Most Vehicles In The World?

Who owns the biggest car collection in the world?

We bring you an exotic list of the top 5 persons, who owns the largest fleet of car and have the largest garage in the world.

  • Sultan of Brunei.
  • Jay Leno.
  • Ken Lingenfelter.
  • Ralph Lauren.
  • Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

Who has most number of cars in the world?

China has the largest motor vehicle fleet in the world, with 322 million motor vehicles registered at the end of September 2018. The United States has the highest vehicle ownership per capita in the world, with 832 vehicles in operation per 1000 people in 2016.

Who owns the expensive car in the world?

The world’s most expensive car ever – the Bugatti La Voiture Noire worth over £9million, has an owner and it is said to be Cristiano Ronaldo. The Juventus star bought the unique Bugatti which was first presented to the world at the Geneva Motor Show 2019.

Who is the largest car manufacturer in the world?

The Four Biggest Passenger Car Manufacturers In The World

  1. Toyota – 10,466,051. Toyota produced over 20 million vehicles in 2017, making it the largest car company in the world.
  2. Volkswagen – 10,382,334. This German company produced 10.3 million units in 2017.
  3. Hyundai – 7,218,391.
  4. General Motors – 6,856,880.

How many cars does Donald Trump have?

Donald Trump is estimated to be worth approximately 4.5 Billion dollars, so what kind of cars does a man this wealthy own? You will be surprised to find out that among his Rolls Royce’s and Mercedes, there are some odd cars that most folks would never guess that he has in his collection.

Does Tim Allen like cars?

Tim Allen may have more cars than necessary, but no one’s mad about it. He shares his private garage containing an eclectic collection of authentic American motors with everything from a 1965 Shelby Cobra S/C to a 1933 Ford Roadster that he built on the set of Home Improvement.

What country produces the best cars?

World’s Top 20 Largest Passenger Car-Producing Countries In 2017 (Million Units)

  • China: 24.81 million units.
  • Japan: 8.35 million units.
  • Germany: 5.65 million units.
  • India: 3.95 million units.
  • South Korea: 3.74 million units.
  • United States: 3.03 million units.
  • Spain: 2.29 million units.
  • Brazil: 2.27 million units.

How many people own a car?

About 88 percent of Americans owned cars—second in the world.

Does China make any cars?

The traditional “Big Four” domestic car manufacturers are SAIC Motor, Dongfeng, FAW and Chang’an. Other Chinese car manufacturers are Geely, Beijing Automotive Group, Brilliance Automotive, Guangzhou Automobile Group, Great Wall, BYD, Chery and Jianghuai (JAC). By 2000, China was producing over two million vehicles.

What is world’s rarest car?

Here are 25 of the rarest cars in the world, and how much they cost.

  1. 1 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO – $52 million.
  2. 2 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa – $39.8 million.
  3. 3 1956 Aston Martin DBR1 – $22.5 million.
  4. 4 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California SWB Spider – $17.16 million.
  5. 5 1962 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato – $14.3 million.

Who owns a Mclaren p1?

McLaren Houston acquired a 2014 McLaren P1 — one of only 376 PIs ever made — from a private owner and is now selling it for $2.1 million. That’s more than double its brand new price from just two years ago. And it has 7,633 miles on it — great usage for a supercar.

Who owns a Maybach?

After slow sales, Maybach ceased to be a standalone brand by 2013, and it became (in 2015) a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz, which is owned by Daimler AG. As of 2018, Daimler produces an ultra-luxury edition of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class under the Mercedes-Maybach name.

Who is the richest car company?

The 10 most valuable auto companies in the world

  • Toyota Motor Corp. $174.2 billion.
  • Daimler: $79 billion. Daimler, owner of the luxury Mercedes-Benz brand, is the largest German automaker, selling roughly 3 million vehicles worldwide last year.
  • Volkswagen: $76.7 billion.
  • BMW: $61.8 billion.
  • Tesla: $57.6 billion.
  • General Motors Co. (
  • Honda Motor Co. (
  • Ford Motor Co. (

Who is the number 1 car company in the world?

By manufacturer

2Volkswagen GroupGermany
3HyundaiSouth Korea
4General MotorsUnited States

11 more rows

What brand sells the most cars?

According to data compiled by Kelley Blue Book and Business Insider, the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado, and Ram Pickup are the top three best-selling vehicles in America through the first half of 2018. Pickup trucks and crossover SUVs dominate the American market right now.