Question: Which State Sells The Most Cars?

Who sells the most cars in the United States?

According to data compiled by Kelley Blue Book and Business Insider, the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado, and Ram Pickup are the top three best-selling vehicles in America through the first half of 2018.

Pickup trucks and crossover SUVs dominate the American market right now.

Which states have the most cars?

2017 Rankings

RankStateVehicles per 1000 People
1New York539
2New Jersey665

47 more rows

What state sells the most Subaru cars?

The 10 States Where Subarus Are Most Popular

RankState% Subaru
3New Hampshire5.8%

6 more rows

Which country has the most cars per person?

Countries With The Most Automobiles Per Capita

  • Brunei (649)
  • New Zealand (615)
  • Puerto Rico (614)
  • Italy (601)
  • Germany (566)
  • Australia (545)
  • Switzerland (524) Switzerland, Austria’s neighbor to the west, has the ninth most cars per capita, with 524 vehicles per 1,000 people.
  • Austria (511) Austria has 511 automobiles per 1,000 people.