Question: Which Country Gives Permanent Residency Easily?

Which countries give pr easily?

Getting Permanent Residency in These 9 Countries is Easy

  • Belize. For Indians to apply for permanent residency in Belize, the applicant must have spent a minimum of 1 year in the country without having left for more than 14 consecutive days.
  • Ecuador.
  • Panama.
  • Paraguay.
  • Uruguay.
  • South Africa.
  • Dominican Republic.
  • Greece.

Which country gives permanent residency easily for Indian?

Which is the easiest country to give a permanent residency for Indians? The most easiest country to give resident to Indians is Canada and Scotland . In Scotland for Indians if you study for 2 years you get 5 years of working visa for free .

Which country is the easiest to immigrate to?

Easiest Countries To Immigrate To 2019

RankCountryPopulation 2019
1United States329,064,917
3United Kingdom67,530,172

3 more rows

Which country is best for PR?

Immigration top 10: countries which are easiest to settle into

  1. The USA. America is not known as the land of the free for nothing.
  2. Canada. Canada is proud to be one of the most immigrant and expat-friendly countries in the world.
  3. Australia. Australia is a popular destination for expats from both South Africa and the UK.
  4. Singapore.
  5. Germany.
  6. New Zealand.
  7. United Arab Emirates.
  8. Brazil.