Quick Answer: Which Company Is Richer Microsoft Or Apple?

Microsoft is now valued at $753 billion, while Alphabet (Google’s parent company) is valued at $739 billion.

It makes Microsoft the third most valuable company in the world, behind Apple and Amazon.

Is Apple the richest company in the world?

Apple has reclaimed the title of most valuable public company in the world. The company surpassed Microsoft and Amazon Wednesday with a market capitalization of $821.59 billion.

Is Amazon richer than Apple?

But in spite of all of the press coverage around this major milestone, Apple is not even the most valuable company in the world. That distinction belongs to fellow tech giant Amazon. Amazon passed Apple in enterprise value back in June during its meteoric rise and is now worth $80 billion more than Apple.

Is Google richer than Apple?

Apple is richer than Google. In December of 2018 Apple had $237 Billion in cash on hand, Google only had $101 Billion on hand so Apple is more than twice as rich as Google.