What’s The Highest Paid Automotive Mechanic?

Best-Paying States for Auto Mechanics

The states and districts that pay Auto Mechanics the highest mean salary are Alaska ($57,150), New Jersey ($49,410), Maryland ($48,760), Washington ($48,290), and Connecticut ($48,110).

Do automotive technicians make good money?

Half of auto technicians reported annual salaries of between $26,850 and $47,540 and hourly wages of between $12.91 and $22.86. The BLS reports that auto technicians who receive certification from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence may experience higher pay and better job opportunities.

How much do high performance mechanics make?

Automotive technicians in the 90th percentile of earners made annual median salary of $62,280, according to the BLS. This is the tier where you may find many high performance mechanics. When the machines they work on are worth millions, the mechanics’ finely honed skills are often richly rewarded.

Can a mechanic make 100k?

Generally, mechanics make a decent living, earning a median annual salary of $36,600. But most are paid according to a “flat-rate” system, meaning that they only make money when there is actual work to be done. Meanwhile, each task only pays a pre-set number of hours, no matter how long it actually takes to complete.

How much do certified mechanics make?

According to BLS, the average annual salary of Automotive Master Mechanics is $41400. Their salary can also be as low as $21470 if you’re still a newbie with no experience to over $64070 if you have a ton of experience under your belt.