What Subjects Are Needed For Automotive Engineering?

What Subjects Are Needed For Automotive Engineering?

High school students aspiring to become automotive engineers should develop a solid foundation in algebra, geometry, trigonometry and pre-calculus, physics and chemistry.

These subjects are central to understanding the core concepts of any engineering discipline.

What subjects are required for automobile engineering?

The curricula for Automobile Engineering includes subjects like,

  • Fluid Mechanics and Machinery.
  • Manufacturing Methods.
  • Strength of Materials.
  • Engineering Thermodynamics.
  • Heat Transfer and Combustion.
  • Automotive Petrol Engines.
  • Engineering Analysis and Numerical Methods.
  • Automotive Design Engines.

What type of education is needed for automotive engineering?

Step 1: Enroll in a Bachelor’s Degree Program. Few colleges and universities offer a bachelor’s degree program in automotive engineering. Accordingly, aspiring automotive engineers may consider earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

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