Question: What Is The Longest Lasting Car In The World?

Question: What Is The Longest Lasting Car In The World?

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Subaru Legacy

Toyota Sienna

Honda Civic

Toyota Camry

Ford Taurus

Honda Odyssey

Honda Accord

Where do cars last the longest?

10 States Where Cars Last The Longest

  • Alaska – 13.6 Years.
  • Washington – 13.6 Years.
  • Oregon – 13.5 Years.
  • Alabama – 13.2 Years.
  • Wyoming – 13.2 Years.
  • South Dakota – 13.1 Years.
  • Kansas – 13.0 Years.
  • Kentucky – 13.0 Years. You’re going to have to head south of the Mason-Dixie line if you’re want to stretch out your car’s longevity.

Which car is the most durable?

While these problems aren’t always preventable, having a durable car can surely help. Gathered below are some of the most reliable cars by type, make and model.

Most reliable cars by category.

Type of CarMake & Model
Small CarKia Rio
Compact CarToyota Prius
Midsize CarChevrolet Malibu
Large CarBuick LaCrosse

6 more rows

Is Lexus most reliable car?

The most dependable cars in the U.S. are Lexus, Toyota, and Porsche. Among the surprises in the J.D. Power annual survey: British-based Mini is ranked as more dependable than a BMW.

How long do most cars last?

The average age of all cars on the road is more than 11 years, up from 8.4 years in 1995, according to the Department of Transportation. Still, many motorists may not realize the long-term financial benefits of keeping a car for 200,000 miles.

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