Quick Answer: What Is The Basic Salary In Germany?

Germany rises the national minimum wage

In 2019, the national minimum wage in Germany remained fixed at 1,557 € per month, that is 18,684 euros per year, taking into account 12 payments per year.

Accordingly the national minimum wage has been raised 59 Euros per month from the previous year, 3.94%.

What is an average salary in Germany?

Average income in Germany

According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, in 2017 the average gross annual salary was 45.250 euros, or 3.770 euros per month.

What is the minimum salary in Germany?

1,557.00 EUR per month (Jul 2019)

Is 60000 euros a good salary in Germany?

But one is then probably going to pay 3,000 Euros a month minimum and likely much more. Thus even for someone with a family earning 60,000 Euros a year it will probably mean public schools – which are generally good in Germany and living in an apartment rather than a house.

What is the average wage in Germany 2018?

Germany – Average Wage

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