Question: What Is The Average Age Of A Tesla Owner?

54 years old

What is the target market for Tesla?

Tesla, recognizing the need to expand its target to reach a greater customer base, is focused on people in their 20’s to young 40’s in three categories: eco-friendly, tech-savvy, and entry-level luxury buyers. Tesla is vying for market share from various segments of the automobile industry.

What is the average age of a new car buyer?

Average age of car buyers going up

Research published by the Federal Reserve shows the average age of a new car or truck buyer has increased over the past decade. It is now around 53 years old. They also note that among new vehicles buyers, the 55+ age group has a 15 percentage point increase since 2000.

What age group buys the most new cars?

The age groups that purchase new vehicles at the highest rates–on average almost 7 out of 100 people per year–are the 35 to 49 and the 50 to 54 year olds.

How many Teslas have been sold total?

The company delivered about 140,000 Model 3s in North America across all of 2018, in what CEO Elon Musk called “the most challenging [year] in Tesla’s history.” About 120,000 of those deliveries came in the second half alone. In all, Tesla more than doubled its 2017 output.