Question: What Is Difference Automotive And Automobile?

Question: What Is Difference Automotive And Automobile?

Both terms, automobile and automotive are related to vehicle industry.

Automobile is a noun that usually refers to a four-wheeled automotive vehicle designed for passenger transportation whereas automotive is an adjective relating to motor vehicles.

This is the main difference between automobile and automotive.

What is the difference between automotive engineering and automotive technology?

Automotive technology mainly focuses on engineering perspective of a motor vehicle. eg: IC Engines power rating, Chassis design, Auto driving technology etc.. Mechanical Engineering is a broad field of engineering that isn’t limited to any one area of application.

What is the difference between smartphone and cell phone?

A smartphone’s features is usually more oriented towards mobile phone options than the PDA-like features. There is no industry standard for what defines a smartphone, so any mobile device that has more than basic cellphone capabilities can actually be filed under the smartphone category of devices.

What is the difference between smartphone and normal phone?

Usually ordinary phones have a weaker hardware like processor, SoC, RAM/ROM powering the phone comapred to a smartphone. Screen sizes are bigger on smartphones compared to ordinary phones in general. What is difference between smartphone and a cell phone?

Can an engineer fix a car?

As for Mechanics’ task, It’s mainly about fixing cars when they’re broken down. A mechanical engineer is a bit over-qualified to be a simple car mechanic, if that’s what you’re thinking. However, a mechanical engineer can go one step above that, they can design cars.

What can I do with an automotive engineering degree?

Career Information for Working in Automotive Engineering

  • Electrical Engineer. Electrical engineers create and perform tests on and oversee the making of electrical machinery, including electric motors.
  • Mechanical Engineer.
  • Drafter.
  • Industrial Engineer.
  • Materials Engineer.

What is difference between smartphone and Android?

There are many more but nowadays only Android and iOS are popular. So in short, A smartphone is a phone which has advanced computational abilities in it. Smartphones can have different operating systems in them and if they have Android in them then they can be called be called Android Phones or Android Smartphones.

What can a smartphone be used for?

A smartphone is a mobile phone that can do more than other phones. They work as a computer but are mobile devices small enough to fit in a user’s hand. Uses include: Browsing the Internet using a mobile browser.

Why is it called smart phone?

Short answer: Smartphones are called as “smart ” because, they provide informations right when you need them and can present them in a more useful way. This is accomplished through Applications. Their focus was to provide cellular connectivity between two of these devices to let people talk with each other wirelessly.

Why are smartphones useful?

Smartphones are so important these days due to the connectivity they provide. One of the most popular connectivity apps for smartphones is the instant messaging app Whatsapp. This works over the internet connection and can make use of Wi-Fi to ensure it doesn’t eat into your data plan.

What are the different types of mobile phones?

Types of Mobile Computing Devices

  1. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Sometimes called pocket computers, PDAs are handheld devices that combine elements of computing, telephone/fax, Internet and networking in a single device.
  2. Smartphones.
  3. Tablet PCs.
  4. Apple iOS.
  5. Google Android.
  6. Windows Phone.
  7. Palm OS.
  8. Symbian OS.

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