Question: What Cars Are Made In Italy?

According to Wikipedia

Alfa Romeo

Ferrari S.p.A.

Fiat S.p.A.





What brand of cars are made in Italy?

Alongside Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo, the brand is part of Fiat Group, that has also taken hold of American Chrysler. Most renowned models include the Punto, the Grande Punto, Panda, Uno or Bravo. Most of them are affordable, small to medium vehicles.

Does Italy make cars?

Today the Italian automotive industry is almost totally dominated by Fiat Group; in 2001 over 90% of vehicles were produced by it. As well as its own, predominantly mass market model range, Fiat owns the upmarket Alfa Romeo and Lancia brands and the exotic Maserati.

Leading car model sales in Italy 2018

Fiat Panda was by far the most popular model reaching 124,266 units sold, followed by Renault Clio and Fiat 500X. Other foreign brands appear in the leading car brands, such as Ford and Volkswagen.

How many cars are made in Italy?

In 2018, the market grew over 7% compared to 2017. In 2018, 1.91 million new passenger vehicles were registered in Italy. Since the late 1990s, the Italian car market (statistics include passenger cars and light commercial vehicles – LCVs) has fluctuated between 1.4 million and 2.8 million units.