Question: Is Facebook A Monopoly?

As Dina Srinivasan, author of a 2019 Berkeley Business Law Journal article about the antitrust case against Facebook, puts it, “Colloquially, and in the press, Facebook is a monopoly.

Because Facebook is a new kind of company and proving it’s a monopoly is difficult, under traditional antitrust law.

Is FB a monopoly?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg insists that the company’s business most definitely is not a monopoly. Facebook, Google, and Amazon control 80% of the US online advertising market with virtually no regulation, in addition to mediating much of the world’s communications and commerce.

Is Facebook a natural monopoly?

Facebook could be considered a monopoly that has too much power for three simple reasons: its dominant user base, its pricing power, and its lack of direct competition. Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with 2.13 billion monthly active users (MAUs).

Is Netflix a monopoly?

Netflix is not only very cheap but it also produces a LOT of content. Netflix could be considered a monopoly because it produces more content than any competitor.

Is Amazon a monopoly?

According to Merriam-Webster, “a monopoly occurs when complete control of the entire supply of goods or of a service in a certain area or market rests with a single entity.” In other words, even though Amazon is growing its market share, it doesn’t justify referring to Amazon as a monopoly.

Is Youtube a monopoly?

TL:DR- Google is a monopoly while YouTube is a near-monopoly. Youtube has no profit other then ads and doesn’t sell any product that people can buy. Most videos on Youtube are created by people not employed by Google. But aren’t they a monopoly if they have absolutely no competition in the market.

Is Apple a monopoly?

While the iPhone appears to be ubiquitous in the U.S., other brands are more prevalent internationally. Given Apple’s relatively small market share in that space, Cook said, “we are not a monopoly.” But the antitrust argument against Apple does not hinge on its iPhone sales.