Quick Answer: Is Automobile Engineering And Mechanical Engineering Same?

While mechanical engineering is all about construction, design and operation of machinery, automotive engineering is a sub branch of vehicle engineering and mechanical engineering and deals with construction and design of automobiles.

Is automotive engineering the same as mechanical engineering?

Automotive Engineering vs Mechanical Engineering

Broadly speaking, Mechanical Engineering programmes comprise of core mechanical subjects. This engineering branch deals with the basic theories related to mechanical devices. On the other hand, Automotive Engineering focuses its attention on vehicle design.22 Mar 2017

Can we do automobile engineering after mechanical engineering?

What can I do to become an automobile engineer, after graduation in mechanical engineering? You can Crack Gate Exam to take automobile engineering in M.tech programs of IITs. You can directly get into any Automobile plants or R&D centres across India.19 Aug 2016

What is automobile in mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering is one of the prominent branch of engineering that include the application of laws of physics for designing, analyzing and manufacturing of mechanical systems. They design and assemble engines and power plants, structures and vehicles of all sizes.

What is the difference between mechanical engineering and mechanical and automation engineering?

Mechanical and automation engineers are mainly focus on designing and manufacturing of machines. Engineers design and assemble engines and power plants, structures and vehicles of all sizes and deals with use of machines, control systems and information technologies.20 Sep 2013