Question: How Much Horsepower Does A 4g63 Have?

The Lancer Evo used the turbocharged version of the 4G63, allowing it to produce 287 horsepower and 289 lb·ft of torque from only a 2.0L engine.

In some cases the 4G63 engine was able to produce significantly more power with a few slight upgrades.

What car has a 4g63 engine?

The 4G63 is a heavily modified the G63B engine (a SOHC carbureted eight-valve version installed in different Mitsubishi models until 1986-88). This engine has a long history and it has been used in a wide range of applications (in Mitsubishi, Plymouth, Dodge, Eagle and Hyundai vehicles).

How much does a 4g63 engine weight?

Engine Specs

ManufacturerMitsubishi Motors Engine Manufacturing Co Ltd, Kyoto engine plant Diamond-Star Motors, Normal, Illinois
Torque, lb ft203-228 lb-ft (275-309 Nm)/3,000 – 1G; 360-375 lb-ft (353-373 Nm)/2,750-3,000 – 2G; 253-300 lb-ft (343-407 Nm)/2,750-3,000 – 3G
Engine weight350 lbs (160 kg)
Firing order1-3-4-2

19 more rows

What’s the difference between 4g63 and 4g64?

The main difference between the two is the 4G63 has a DOHC head, which allows better intake/exhaust valve tunability. The 4G64 is very close in terms of block design, and has about ~350cc more displacement.

How fast is a Mitsubishi Evo?

Such excessive power allowed the sports sedan to blitz the quarter mile run in just 7.902 seconds at 185 mph, making it officially the fastest Mitsubishi EVO in the world.

What is a 6 bolt engine?

6-bolt main refers to the number of bolts holding the main caps to the block of an internal combustion engine, and therefore holding the crankshaft in place. A main cap refers to the locating support for the crankshaft of a piston engine. All GM LS engines have 6-bolt mains.

What engine does an Evo have?


The current 2006 Evolution (US market) includes a turbocharged 286 hp (213 kW) inline four-cylinder engine and a full-time all wheel drive powertrain. Variable valve timing is an Evolution first in 2006, coming in the form of MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing-and-lift Electronic Control).

How much does a ls1 weight?

430 lbs

What Evo is the fastest?

Extreme Tuners knows this, which is why the Greek tuning parts manufacturer used an Evo IX to go faster than any Evo before. This is the fastest Mitsubishi Evo of the VII, VIII, or IX generations ever after it blasted down a quarter mile in just 7.902 seconds. The trap speed? Just over 185 mph.

What Evo was used in Tokyo drift?

2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Tokyo Drift

This is Sean Boswell’cars. The question is what do you have to change about a Evo IX to make it a fast and furious car. First of all the front wheels must be disconnected from the drivetrain so that Evo become a rear-wheel-driver.

What Evo is in Tokyo drift?

Turning Mitsubishi’s all-wheel-drive icon, the Lancer Evolution IX, into a drifting machine for The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift takes an act of perversion: The front wheels must be disconnected from the drivetrain to turn the Evo into a rear-wheel-driver.

What is the difference between a 6 bolt and 7 bolt 4g63?

The 4G63 engine comes in two varieties, and they’re distinguished by the number of bolts that hold the flywheel to the crank. The older six-bolt block had thicker rods and some other internal differences. There is no six-bolt/seven-bolt distinction on the 420A motor. The same holds if you have a 1.8 SOHC motor.

What is crank walk?

What is the common crank walk problem? A ‘walking’ crankshaft is a crankshaft that moves too much inside the engine. This is also known as excessive thrust bearing play. The movement is usually due to the crankshaft not fitting inside its bearings correctly.