Quick Answer: Do You Need Chemistry For Computer Engineering?

Obtaining a computer engineering degree will also require completing an assortment of science classes.

At minimum, expect one semester of chemistry and one semester of physics, and many programs require two semesters of each.

Programs may require biology or allow students to choose it as an elective.

Do you need chemistry for engineering?

If you want to take a degree in engineering you need an A level (or equivalent) in maths. In many cases you also need physics. Some chemical engineering degrees ask for maths and chemistry instead; some ask for maths and physics; and some ask for all three.

Do you need calculus for computer engineering?

First and foremost, don’t worry, computer engineering and computer science are not focused on calculus or physics, but instead on logic and, in some areas, probability and statistics. Most CS/CE major require calculus but not as a pre-requisite, so you can just take the class in college.

What subjects do you need to be a computer engineer?

Most employers require students to hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer programming, computer engineering, computer information systems, electrical engineering, or a similar computer-related field.