Can I Drive In Germany With A US License?

As of January 1, 1999, U.S.

driver’s license holders must be in possession of a German license six months after entering the country, if they wish to continue driving.


citizens planning to stay less than a year, however, may legally drive in Germany for up to 364 days in Germany on their U.S.

driver’s licenses.

Can I rent a car in Europe with a US driver’s license?

Acceptable Identification for Driving in Europe

Take it from the world-renowned expert on travel in Europe, Rick Steves: In most European countries, your American driver’s license and passport are all you need to rent a car. Requirements do vary by country, however.

Do I need an international drivers license to drive in Germany?

International Driving Permit

However, in Germany you don’t need an IDP for a license in English, and the rental car agency only wants to see your US or Canadian driver’s license. If you plan to drive a lot outside of Germany, you may still want to get an IDP, which is valid in over 150 countries.

Which countries accept US driving license?

U.S. driver’s licenses are valid in both Canada and Mexico. But many other countries do not recognize U.S. driver’s licenses, according to the U.S. State Department. For those countries, you’ll typically need an International Driving Permit.

Can foreigners drive in Germany?

The driving age in German is 18 years (for cars), which means younger drivers who have a licence in their home country will not be able to drive in Germany. Everyone more than 18 years old can drive in Germany using their foreign driving licence for the first six months of residence.