Quick Answer: Are Subaru Reliable?

In conclusion, Subaru isn’t the most reliable brand on the market, however, some of their models are better than others (e.g.

the Forester).

Overall, they are an average brand with a model or two that are better than average.

Are Subaru expensive to fix?

So, Are Subarus More Expensive to Repair? Yes, Subarus are more costly to fix. At least when compared to domestic brands, they are. Subaru engines are also prone to head gasket failure, and catalytic converters can cost a lot more to replace than the same part on domestic brands.

Are Subarus good cars?

Subarus are often derided as the least reliable Japanese cars, and for good reason. The other consideration with Subarus, especially models before 2007 is that they burn a lot of fuel for a car their size. This is a result of the full time four wheel drive that’s a feature of almost every Subaru.

How many miles can a Subaru last?

300,000 miles

Are Subarus long lasting cars?

Subaru Forester, Outback, Legacy No Longer Cars Most Likely to Reach 200,000 Miles. The Japanese automaker had all-wheel-drive cars reaching 200,000 plus miles plus and the Subaru Legacy has been known as the longest lasting sedan in America as recently as 2016. But recent studies say things are changing.